Will Amrita recognize Gauri and Sanjog?

Will Amrita recognize Gauri and Sanjog?


The popular daily soap Sanjog on Zee TV has succeeded in arousing viewers’ curiosity with its twists and turns in the plot. Before Chanda protected Tara from the dog, Tara became friends with her. Will Amrita recognize Gauri and Sanjog? However, Rajeev was moved by Tara’s plea and agreed to let her play with Chanda despite the Kotharis’ refusal to recognize their friendship.

While Ranjini pushed Rajeev against Amrita for having an affair, Rakshita made the decision to reenter Rajeev and Amrita’s lives and begged the latter to keep it a surprise.

Gauri is mesmerized by Amrita in the present song as Chanda introduces her to Tara and her mother. Amrita claims Chanda seems familiar, even though she was unable to identify her. While Chanda persuades Amrita to allow Tara to join them for dinner, the former deceives Amrita and takes care of the matter.

Here, Ranjini records Tara eating with the underprivileged and Amrita conversing on the phone. Rajeev and Rajeshwari see it in her smirk. They are turned against Amrita by her mother, who accuses her of having an extramarital affair.

After seeing flashes of his and Rakshita’s relationship, Rajeev unblocks her from social media. Rakhita, on the other hand, wants to surprise Rajeev and persuades Amrita to lie about her visit.

Rajeev demands to look at Amrita’s phone up ahead, and this causes confusion between them. In the meantime, Tara converses with Amrita and expresses her satisfaction while describing Chanda’s influence in her life. When Amrita sees her daughter, she smiles.

Rajeev refuses to talk to Amrita:

Rajeev refuses to talk to Amrita, despite her attempts to resolve their differences. She becomes angered by his behavior, and Gopal tells his family to mix with the Kotharis while being cautious. Later, everyone is start when Tara acts and speaks like Chanda. Rajeev and Rajeshwari accuse Amrita of being responsible. 

In the forthcoming episode, Rajeev will accuse Amrita of having an affair and declare that he will no longer trust her.  Amrita later receives a late-night call and is going to hang up, but Rajeev will persuade her to take it. She will look at him in shock as he asks her to put the phone on speaker so he can learn about her affair.

Will Amrita and Rajeev’s marriage be destroy by Rakshita?

Will Amrita learn that Chanda is actually her daughter?

It would be intriguing to watch what transpired on the show after that. Keep checking back with us for more Sanjog news, spoilers, and written updates.