Who has been assisting Ahana, Bahu?

Who has been assisting Ahana, Bahu?


The intriguing turn in the Colors TV series Spy Bahu has Yohan being unjustly accused of abusing Ahana. While the latter has been acting like the victim, the former has no memory of what happened. How will Sejal establish Yohan’s guilt? Who has been assisting Ahana, Bahu?

In the prior episode, the inspector inform Sejal that the medical records for Ahana already demonstrate. She now  physically abuse but that they could wait until Yohan’s medical records . To determine whether Yohan was the one who had physically abused Ahana. Yohan was asked by Sejal to recall what transpired that evening.

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Yohan described how Ahana entered his room and tried to approach, but he continued pushing her away before losing consciousness and forgetting how he got the nail marks on his body. Ahana told the inspector a lie, claiming that Veera had hired her to pose as Mahira and that she was unaware of Veera’s terrorist affiliation. Ahana made up the story that she was worried about Veera killing her and sought help from Yohan, but he violate her instead.

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The Inspector revealed to Sejal and everyone else that the Yohan sample had Ahana’s DNA. Sejal explained to Sk Sir how Yohan had changed the hotel the previous evening and questioned how Ahana was aware of the new hotel when Yohan himself was unaware. They were aware that the plot involved another party. Veera was depicte grinning in the prison. Is she still in charge?

Will Sejal be able to show Ahana’s deception?

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