Salman Khan reportedly made $1 billion from Bigg Boss

Salman Khan reportedly made $1 billion from Bigg Boss. Don’t miss the actor’s elegant retort.


Soon, Bigg Boss 16 will make its television debut. Salman Khan, the show’s host, has finally addressed the claims that he demanded Rs 1000 crore for the reality program.

Bigg Boss 16 is currently poised to make a comeback on television. The TV reality show’s host, Salman Khan, spoke with the media on September 27 and discussed the forthcoming season. According to the reality show’s advertisements, Bigg Boss will “play the game” with the competitors this year. Salman Khan addressed the rumors that he charged Rs. 1000 crore for the concert during the press conference. Salman Khan made $1 billion from Bigg Boss .


Salman Khan responded to rumors about his hefty costs by saying, “There have been numerous false stories regarding my rates. I would never work a day in my life, even if I ever received Rs. 1 billion. But the day will come when I receive this sum of money.

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I actually need lawyers if I get paid this much because I have so many other expenses. My attorneys are on par with Salman Khan. Not even a quarter of it comes from what I make. The income tax and ED departments also read these papers. Yes Salman Khan made 1 billion from show.

About wanting to resign from BB

Salman Khan added that he had no desire to attend BB every year. They return to me, however, since they have no other option. They would have long ago replaced me if they had the option. They wouldn’t show up to take my place. “There are several individuals who have taken my place,” he said.

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About temperature loss

On Bigg Boss, Salman Khan frequently loses his temper. When discussing that, the actor stated, “Yes, there are instances when I have to deviate from the rules because the competitors go too far. The viewers only see an edited hour of the program, not the actual footage we saw, and they frequently do not understand why I responded in such a loud manner. They view the altered materials.  Paar kar dete hain log woh nahi dekh paate ke.I stepped in to prevent them from going over the line. I’m not affected since I have other issues to cope with. “

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