October 1, 2022, Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written revision:

October 1, 2022, Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written revision.

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The voyage of Simar and Badima is interrupted at the beginning of the episode. Their car’s tire suddenly punctured, so the driver took some time to change it. Simar, however, rushes to halt Aarav out of anxiety. October 1, 2022, Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written revision here for you.

Rudra is being warned by Aarav to run for his life if he even considers harming the Oswaal family. He seeks retribution for Simar’s injury. Rudra makes fun of Aarav’s arrogance. Aarav confidently exudes his self-assurance and the strength of his love for Simar. He boldly fires at Rudra, but Rudra was only a mirage.

Rudra is unaffected by the gunfire; he remains still. Aarav is not a gun owner. Rudra makes fun of Aarav’s arrogance and calls him a fool. Aarav receives a shock when Rudra leaps into the air to demonstrate his identity. They start to fight and both disappear. Simar enters Rudra’s fortress but is unable to locate anyone.

Channa Mereya: Amber will beg Aditya’s

Oswal members also travel there under Reema’s direction to Rudra’s bungalow because she is familiar with the roads. Chaya observes them from where she is. When Reema tries to enter the bungalow, she quakes with terror. Vivan warns her not to worry since he is prepared to exact any punishment. Reema, however, stops in the middle of the action, and a door between her and Vivaan closes.

Vivaan struggles to open the door while they both scream in terror as Reema rides back inside the car. But Chhaya once more makes Chaya begins making frightened Reema when she is seated in the car. Chaya appears upset upon seeing Reema. Vivaan is perplexed and unsure of whether to aid Reema or Aarav. Aarav’s name is also screamed by Simar and Badima. Others also attempt to search Aarav independently.

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Rudra’s precise blows do not weary Aarav. He continues to be pushy. Simar asks Matarani to show her the way, and she invokes Sadhwiji in her request. Aarav’s power limitations are mocked by Rudra. Rudra, a yaksh, desires to murder Simar in order to realize his fantasy.

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