Gulraj is a victim of Simran’s plot to destroy the dhaba.

Weekly Channa Mereya Update: Gulraj is a victim of Simran’s plot to destroy the dhaba.

Aditya and the Grewals were surprised when Ginni was shot at the beginning of this week’s Channa Mereya episode. Aditya held Ginni in his arms while the Grewals hurried to help her and asked Armaan to dial 911. When Armaan realized he couldn’t reach anyone from the hospital, he made the decision to drive Ginni to the hospital in a car, but the car broke down, so he instead drove Aditya and Ginni in a bike.

When Gulraj saw Ginni’s condition, he passed out. Armaan and Aditya Ginni arrived at the hospital. To begin the treatments, the nurse requested that the paperwork be completed. Ginni was identified as Aditya’s wife.

Ginni accompanied them. Aditya remembered each exchange he had with Ginni as well as the times they spent together. Armaan was questioned by Aditya about Ginni’s motivation for trying to save him.

Aditya was counseled by Armaan to let go of his romantic notions of Ginni and to think clearly in order to be able to recognize and comprehend Ginni’s motivations for taking such a step. Amber commanded his men to kill Mrs. Randhawa at any costs and threatened to harm them. Dimpy and Gulraj Shampy hurried to the hospital.

They were told by the doctor about Ginni’s serious condition. All of them grieved and pleaded to God. Aditya begged the physician to do everything in his power to save Ginni. The doctor advised them that they were merely doing their best before leaving. To select the greatest doctor, Aditya asked Armaan.

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As requested, Armaan made a call. Supreet told Amber about Ginni’s tragedy and reassured her that the perpetrator will be found soon, which made Amber anxious.

Gulraj requested Aditya’s guarantee of Ginni’s recovery while they were still in the hospital. Aditya sent her with Shampy and Dimpy to take care of her because she appeared helpless. Gulraj conveyed her pain at seeing Ginni in that condition. She was also discouraged to find that no one in the Singh family was interested in paying Ginni a visit after Ginni risked her life to save Aditya.

Supreet, Amber, and his brother arrived there at that same moment. Ginni received thanks from Supreet and Amber’s brother for saving Ginni. She commended by Supreet, who referred to her as the Singh family’s strongest backbone. Ginni told Amber that he had not revealed any information about the shooter, which made Amber happy.

Aditya’s uncle went to Aditya and expressed his desire to pay Ginni back for everything she had done for him, but he was unsure of how he would manage to do so after she put herself in danger to save him. He also lamented the fact that he had never taught Aditya the importance of relationships and wished Gurkeerat had been present to do so before he left the room.

Ginni’s  health:

Armaan went to buy medications after informing Aditya of Ginni’s deteriorating health. Aditya went to the Gurudwara and told God about his suffering there. After Gurkeerat’s unexpected demise, he explained to the God Ginni that this was the reason he had returned to this location.

In the hospital, Ginni opened her eyes after he was unconscious. Aditya was informed by Armaan that Ginni was safe, and this caused him to give thanks to God. Aditya exited the Gurudwara with Armaan’s assistance.

Armaan questioned Aditya about why he was making such a difficult atonement for Ginni in order to save her life, especially after he claimed Ginni was insignificant to him. After his mother passed away, Aditya revealed to Armaan that Ginni had the same faith in God as his mother and had literally sacrificed herself to save him. As a result, Aditya became concerned and terrified when the doctor told him that Ginni’s life was in danger and as a result, he had done all of this for her.

Aditya was urged by Armaan:

Aditya was urged by Armaan to consider why he was doing all of this for Ginni. He then drove him to the hospital, where Aditya was interrogated by his uncle and Amber after they noticed that he was walking with a limp and that Armaan was assisting him. Gulraj was pleased when Aditya instructed them to concentrate on Ginni’s rehabilitation and that was the least he could do for her.

Aditya, in Amber’s opinion, is a perpetual emotional moron. He even went so far as to give his life to Sam, who planned to use him, but Ginni protected him by putting her life in danger. As a result, he didn’t believe Aditya would keep quiet, so he had to figure out a means to avoid being discovered.

When the nurse told Aditya that Ginni was merely taking his name, he went to visit Ginni. Ginni awoke. She was chastised by Aditya for risking her life to save his. Additionally, he questioned why she had done it. 

Ginni was cared for by Aditya. She was taken aback when she realized how much Aditya liked her. When Ginni was met by Singh and Grewal at the hospital. 

Aditya constantly accompanied Ginni:

Aditya constantly accompanied Ginni. The vermilion box that Gulraj provided caught the attention of Aditya and Ginni. Ginni turned her head away as Aditya remembered his marriage to Ginni and took the shot for him. She then had her hairline filled.

Ginni worried about Aditya’s safety, therefore Aditya made the decision to identify the gunman. Ginni discovered that she woke up the following morning close to Aditya. She apologized to him, but he responded that it was okay because he had experienced the same suffering when he was younger. Then, after making a joke about helping Ginni take a bath, Ginni reprimanded him.