Channa Mereya: Amber will beg Aditya’s pardon!

Channa Mereya: Amber will beg Aditya’s pardon!


The upcoming episode of Channa Mereya on Starbharat will include an intriguing scenario in which Ginni recognizes the shooter, prompting Aditya to face him. However, Amber deceives Aditya, and the two fight the thugs to save themselves. Channa Mereya: Amber will beg Aditya’s pardon!

It will be interesting to observe what happens next at this point.  Aditya offer Amber a chance in his life? Will Amber’s strategy prove advantageous to him? Will Ginni find out about the situation of her dhaba?

We saw Aditya and Ginni discussing the shooter’s identity in the last episode. Amber escorted the gunman out of the residence after berating him for going inside without realizing that his life was in risk. 

Will Amrita recognize Gauri and Sanjog?

He was instructed by Amber to remain underground till he alerts him and orders him to leave. Due to Aditya’s practical joke on Ginni, they were able to have a brief moment. Then he advised her to seek assistance from powerful people other than Pasha, so Ginni called Goldie, who offered the name of Jagga.

When Ginni overheard Sam talking about noodles, she saw Goldie’s odd behavior and questioned what was going on. Sam reassured Goldie that Ginni wouldn’t ever find out that this dhaba was converting into a Chinese restaurant, but Shailaja obtained Sam’s flyer before she realized she had become sidetracked.

Ginni was urged by Amber to get enough rest and to let him know if she required any assistance. Ginni informed him that Aditya was more than capable of identifying the perpetrators of all of this, which infuriated Amber and led to his decision to leave. Aditya, however, stopped him, revealed the shooter’s identity, requested him for assistance if possible, and thanked him.

Gulraj is a victim of Simran’s plot to destroy the dhaba.

 Ginni told Supreet that she would like to eat something else. Shailaja told them about the new Chinese restaurant, and Supreet advised Ginni order Chinese. When Aditya came, he gave Ginni permission to eat Chinese food. He also made the decision to make dinner for her and recommended that they cook together, which pleased Supreet. After cooking along with Ginni, Aditya departed the kitchen. Ginni took the flyer for Sam’s Chinese restaurant and gave it a quick glance.

It will be revealed that Amber and Aditya will go back to their house in the following episode. Aditya will be stopped by Amber, who will ask him to give him a befitting welcome. There will be worries from Supreet and Ginni.

Amber will express her regret to Aditya for how he treated him and ask him to give him another chance to make things right. Aditya will observe with eyes full of tears.

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